The football player we see being interviewed is actually President Barack Obama (evident in his protruding pinnas and nose mole) dressed up as Seattle Seahawk cornerback, Richard Sherman. In a post game interview, Sherman goes off in a rant saying, “I’m the best corner in the game…don’t you ever talk about the best” directing his words towards 49er Michael Crabtree. This interview quickly spread across the internet and gained a lot of attention, much more than President Obama’s very own rant in regards to al-Qaeda. Even I was not aware of the President’s quote. This goes to show that some Americans are more inclined to watching a sport than being aware of al-Qaeda’s intentions.

In his speech, Obama talks about the expansion of jihadists groups and that we should not worry about them gaining the level of al-Qaeda. His comparison of al-Qaeda to a junior varsity team shows that he doesn’t see them as a threat now that they no longer have Osama bin Laden as leader. However, Obama’s National Intelligence Director James Clapper insists that al-Qaeda’s threat remains the same, if not higher compared to a decade ago. The militant group controls more territory now than ever before. Although they haven’t attacked the United States recently, they have attacked places including Beirut, Fallujah and Syria to name a few. It can be interpreted that because Osama bin Laden was killed under Obama’s administration, al-Qaeda died along with it and anyone who will try to reach that status will fail.

Michael Ramirez’s reference to football may suggest that Obama’s rant be incorporated in the Superbowl as means to gain the attention of the American people. It is a bit ironic that he says, “ If a JV team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.” Yet, here he is dressed up as a football player who’s youtube views reaches more than those of the President himself. The reader can see the grandiose audience in the cartoon with the thousands of football fans looking onward in the background.

I am not offended by this cartoon, nor do I think it is offensive (unless you’re Obama). The artist effectively points out the priorities of the American people by bringing together two current events in one illustration.


Cartoonist Herblock draws upon the issue of deforestation in the United States. All the trees have been chopped off for manufacturer purposes – books, furniture, firewood, etc. – without any regard to nature preservation. Once a tree is chopped down, all that is left is a stump that is not capable of growing back. This is unfortunate because all the trees uses such as shelter, food, flowers, and oxygen  will no longer be available.

If the chopping of the trees were to continue, it could lead to drastic consequences towards the American people. Without any of the aforementioned sources, living in a treeless world could be fatal. The cartoon foreshadows this fate with it’s cemetery like depiction and stumps that look like tombstones.

This cartoon serves as a warning, which I don’t think is offensive at all. The artist should definitely do this to help stop unnecessary tree cutting and make way for a better environment. His exaggeration of an entire forest depletion effectively gets his message across and serves as a shadow of forthcoming events.


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