Donald Sterling Scandal

It was my first time listening to the conversation between Donald Sterling and his girlfriend, V Stiviano, when it was played during media class and I was appalled. Sterling has been the owner of the LA Clippers since 1981, a team consisting mostly of African Americans. The things he said towards that race were wrong and horrible. What initiated the argument was a picture his girlfriend posted on her Instagram with Magic Johnson to which Sterling had a problem with because of his race. His reasoning is confusing considering that his girlfriend is half Black and half Mexican.


What’s more confusing is the relationship Sterling has with his girlfriend and wife. The wife is well aware of the couple’s relationship and even sued her for taking advantage of Sterling’s wealth. According to Stiviano’s attorney, the relationship of Stiviano to Sterling is that of an archivist. He went on to say that Stiviano didn’t leak the recordings. What I don’t understand is why would Sterling shower his archivist with all these lavish gifts. She must be doing something special in return. I don’t believe her or her attorney. Platonic girlfriend? In the words of Dr. Evil, ‘rrrrrrrrright.’ I find Stiviano to be very amusing in this whole situation. During one encounter with the paparazzi she said, “One day, I will become President of the United States of America and I will change the legislation and laws…modern-day history, civil rights movement.” With all the media surrounding her, she now wears a very stylish visor to avoid the flashing lights. Soon everyone will be wearing one at the clubs.

I’m glad NBA Commissioner banned Sterling for life from the NBA. However, it is possible for the decision to be reversed due to the bylaws that state Sterling has to be intentionally harming the reputation of the NBA. Also, it was a private conversation that Stiviano was obviously guiding. With the aforementioned, his attorneys have a lot to work with.


The whole scandal has gained much attention from sports fans as well as celebrities, some of which are interested in owning the Clippers. It has been rumored that Oprah Winfrey, Oscar de la Hoya and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs would like to have their Clippers share. If they were to be purchased at this moment, it was cost an estimated $575 million.


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